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Why should I use this site to plan my wedding?

We exist for one purpose: to make your wedding planning process as easy as possible.  There is no charge to use the site, so we sincerely hope you’ll give us a shot.  We hope our site will create the foundation for you to plan the wedding of your dreams.


What makes our site unique?

Well, for one, we’re from Hawaii and many of us have lived here for most of our lives.  So we'd like to believe that when it comes to planning weddings in Hawaii, we know a little bit more about who's, who in our own backyard.  If you want to know what unique customs and traditions exist here and who are the people in our industry with a strong reputation, this is a good place to start.  Two, we have this really cool budget tracker program.  Sure you can use excel to do this, but we think having it here on the site together with your other planning information is kind of nice.  There are a few other features that make us unique, but really, you should just sign up and give us a try.  There is no risk, because it's free to sign up.  You may even get a special deal from one of our featured vendors.


How much does it cost to use the site?

Nothing. There is no charge to sign up.  In fact, we hope to save you money as you go thorough the planning process, by saving you time and giving you access to deals only available here.

How do I know the vendors in the database are high quality?

We've surveyed lots of folks to identify the companies with the best reputations in our market to make sure our site features the "Best of the Best".  In fact, each one of the companies listed in our preferred section have come highly recommended.  But ultimately, you'll need to be the final judge by simply adding them to your workbook and contacting them.  You'll need to find the vendors that meet your personality and style and we are sure you'll find a wide variety on our site that you can easily contact and interview to find the best match.  


How can I retrieve my username and/or password?

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